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Code of Conduct

SGC Staffing LLC has various compliance and ethics resources to help employees understand what is expected and required of them. These include policies and procedures, training programs, specific groups, our employee hotline. and our code of conduct.


We are issuing this reminder on our Code of Conduct, a critical centerpiece of our compliance and ethics program that outlines the minimum compliance and ethical standards employees must follow as well as what to do if they have concerns or questions. While not exhaustive of all issues that apply to your day-to-day activities, the Code is an important starting point of key principles that will help you avoid either an appearance of or actual misconduct. These include:

• Supporting our values and commitments

• Complying with the laws, rules, and regulations that apply to our company as set out in our company policies

procedures, and related controls

• Promoting our corporate governance controls

• Assuring for the preparation and reporting of our financial information

• Maintaining integrity and fairness in the workplace

• Protecting and properly using company information and opportunities

• Preserving the confidentiality of company information

• Avoiding conflicts of interest

• Dealing with customers, suppliers, competitors and other employees fairly

• Preventing anti-competitive practices, corruption, fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing

• Promoting sustainability and social responsibility

• Reporting of any improper or unethical behavior



Please make sure to review our Code of Conduct in its entirety for additional guidance. While the Code cannot anticipate every situation that the company or an employee may encounter, when facing a decision about the right action to take, employees should be sure they can answer “yes” to the following questions:

• Is this action consistent with our company values?

• Will this action protect our reputation as an ethical company?

• Can this action withstand public scrutiny if it were reported in the news media?

Additionally, you can refer your question to our email at for further assistance.

Thank you for your ongoing support to promote our company's compliance and ethics program.

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